Monday, August 15, 2011

YouTube, Vevo, and Myspace Music Host Online Premiere of Anand Bhatt’s "World Keeps Turning" Music Video

Anand Bhatt Goes Animated in Worldwide Debut of Epic Video “World Keeps Turning“

//Hollywood, CA// From the moment Anand Bhatt’s “World Keeps Turning” danced through the radio airwaves and the club scene, his fans worldwide have been eagerly and anxiously waiting for the music video debut of the hit single. The wait is finally over and YouTube ( and Myspace Music claimed first rights to premiere the epic video, which features the pop star in full HD animated form. “World Keeps Turning” is the second single from Anand Bhatt this year since he earned both the Gold and Platinum record awards.

The video also debuted on this week, and will appear on iTunes and other networks so fans can view it over and over again right away. Both singles "World Keeps Turning" and its predecessor "Kitna Pyar" will continue to be heard on dancefloors and radio around the world.

“Seeing myself in animated form is pretty exciting,” Anand Bhatt said about the “World Keeps Turning” video in an interview about the song’s submission for Paul Van Dyk’s VONYC Sessions. “Cartoon Anand can do all sorts of cool things that I’d like to learn, like teleport from The Eiffel Tower to Staples Center in a flash.”

Catchy, cute and wildly entertaining, this visually stunning animation masterpiece features real dance moves choreographed for the characters. Anand Bhatt also designed his own iconic outfit featuring a gold shirt that matches his new Dragonfly Guitar, a gift from the Parker Guitars Company. This is far from your typical music video.

Since debuting onto the music scene, walking the GRAMMY Red Carpet, and breaking platinum record sales, Anand Bhatt has consistently entertained and inspired. This year alone he has been blessed with a book deal, awards, and several endorsements.

Released on May 30, 2011, The song "World Keeps Turning" is the follow-up to the popular Anand Bhatt song "Kitna Pyar" Anand Bhatt has said that the video for “World Keeps Turning” captures the message of the song ideally in that it helps solidify the notion that no matter what goes on in the world, we can keep on keeping on with a smile on our faces. In the new video, Bhatt’s on-screen chemistry is exemplified by his ultra cute animated self and transforms the song from a popular dance floor gem to a raw and explosive piece of art to be reckoned with.

Anand Bhatt’s music and videos are available at all major retail locations such as iTunes, Myxer, Amazon, eMusic, Napster, Audio Jelly, and Myspace. Anand Bhatt keeps in touch with his fans via Twitter, Google Plus ( and on his Facebook Fan Page (
Youtube, Vevo and Myspace’s rich histories of providing audiences with the latest breaks in entertainment and pop culture make them the perfect venues for this incredible, jaw-dropping premiere.