Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Anand Bhatt Promotes Health and Fitness with a New Children’s Album To Get Kids Moving

Kids Dance and Sing to Anand Bhatt’s New CD Promoting Healthy Activity with Fun Music

Anand Bhatt switches tunes with a new cd. The album Fit Kids, Healthy Kids, Happy Kids! is full of engaging rhymes and easy to follow rhythms to get kids up and moving.  
Anand, as an international rockstar and the first Indian American to be inducted into the Latin Grammy’s, is a proud advocate for health and fitness and wants to share his passion for good health and daily activity to help kids make healthier choices.

“What better way to get children moving than with music?” said Anand. “It was fun creating an album aimed at getting children to move and have fun. With this CD, I hope to help kids do exactly what the title states, be fit, healthy and happy.”

Songs such as Get Some Fruit, Monkey Jumps, and Lean Protein included in this exciting album of brand new music will help motivate children lead healthy lives in a fun and exciting way. Lyrics include dancing instructions to better engage children and easy to follow rhymes that encourage kids to sing along and actively participate.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Anand Bhatt for the David Lynch Foundation

Anand Bhatt & Friends Release Music Dedicated to Benefit the Simply Smiles Organization

Coffee Lovers Can Enjoy Music by Anand Bhatt and Friends and Help Brighten Futures for Impoverished Children.

Anand Bhatt releases a new collection of digital songs specifically
for Simply Smiles to help raise awareness and funds for this not-for-profit organization’s dedication to create smiles on the faces of impoverished children.

Bhatt, an international rockstar and the first Indian American to be inducted into the Latin Grammy’s,
made the switch and is a proud drinker of Simply Smiles coffee. One bag of Simply Smiles Coffee
can feed a child for three weeks.  Anand Bhatt rounded up some musician friends and they wrote, recorded, and compiled songs specifically to help Simply Smiles and for the entertainment benefit of their supporters.

“Simply Smiles, Inc. has made delivering donations to impoverished children easy for coffee lovers andphilanthropists alike,” said Bhatt. “Their organization has an endless array of projects aimed at helpingkids live as kids. I am grateful to be part of Simply Smiles and help this organization with their mission to help children.”

The globalization of the coffee market has all but destroyed coffee farming as a sustainable way of life for families living in the mountains of southern Oaxaca, Mexico. Through a purchase of Simply Smiles Coffee, a Mexican blend, buyers are helping to both feed the impoverished people of this region and to make coffee farming a viable way of life again.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

NuWave Oven and Anand Bhatt "Latindian Food" PHOTO CONTEST!

Anand Bhatt fans now get a chance to win a brand new NuWave Pro Oven and a Signed Anand Bhatt CD when they submit a photo of Latin or Indian food!  Really exciting!

You can enter the contest here:

Also this week, Anand Bhatt was featured with Akon, Usher, Rihanna, Nas and more on the new Empire State Mixtape which hit #1 on the Datpiff charts!