Saturday, February 2, 2013

Anand Bhatt Music Now For The Benefit of All Filmmakers, TV Producers, and Video Games

Anand Bhatt Shares it All on Dashbox

Anand Bhatt’s Songs Join a Library of Music to be Used for Production. Anand Bhatt’s music is now available for Dashbox system users.

Dashbox is a go-to repository for filmmakers and producers to acquire music for television shows, movies, video games and commercials.

As a music artist, Anand Bhatt understands the importance of music in all visual media projects. This is why he has now made his music available in the online library of songs and more, which is accessed by television producers, movie directors, video game creators, commercial directors, web content creators, and corporate presenters. Dashbox Production Music (PM) allows producers and artistic creators to access all of Bhatt’s licensed production music in one simple service.

Dashbox is a Web-based, business-to-business workflow management system for music synchronization licensing. Through Dashbox, users can better organize projects, audition music, request licenses and clear music for use in their production.

“This is an exciting opportunity to work with producers and creators and contribute to their creative projects. This behind the scenes perspective sheds a new light onto the creative process of the development of visual media,” said Bhatt. “Dashbox is a great avenue to expand my music base as well as provide diverse music to media professionals of all levels.”