Monday, May 1, 2017

Remember Childhood Obesity? If you don't it's because we've kicked its ass!

It's been about 4 years since Americans banded together to attempt to put an an end to the fitness (lack-thereof) woes in this country.  Especially when it came to kids.  Michelle Obama even weighed in on the matter.

NOW DON'T REST ON YOUR LAURELS, the CDC still compares obesity rates to those from the 1970s, and kids are still bigger than they were a couple of generations ago.  But try to remember what kids looked like like 4+ years ago. Now look around: most of your kids look pretty active! And that is awesome! Kudos to parents in 2017!

It's been 5 years since I recorded the Kids Fitness Album  "Fit Kids, Healthy Kids, Happy Kids" and it was used in 2013 in attempt to stop what we all felt was an epidemic.   SEE THE 2013 ARTICLE in Your Health Journal HERE: Childhood Obesity A Growing Epidemic

And now we're coming into the home stretch of really helping kids enjoy being active and healthy, as I hope you've seen the news about how how Fit Kids songs have joined forces with an adorable app called KazuTimeKazuTime works by helping kids focus on the task at hand while having fun—in this case, exercise time.  The Fit Kids songs in conjunction with the KazuTime app are a way to motivate kids to exercise while also mastering time management!

Remember, though, we're not quite there yet.  We still haven't gone back to pre-1980s sizes.  - why aren't parents doing more to curb it? Is there a hidden cause they're not aware of?  READ MORE HERE -  ABOUT WHAT PARENTS CAN DO TO HELP KEEP CHILDHOOD OBESITY AWAY!