Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Anand Honored for His Successful Efforts in Promoting Indo-Latin Cross-Cultural Understanding

"Latindiartistas" is a new segment from Latin America featuring contemporary artists whose creative expressions are helping bridge Indian and Latin cultures around the world. To launch Latindiartistas, they requested an exclusive interview with celebrity Anand Bhatt.

Anand Bhatt is a marketing pioneer in terms of his ability to reach and impact both Latin and Asian audiences globally with streamlined messages on behalf of product marketers, charities, and his sponsors.  

After several major releases in Tropical Fusion and Latin Pop, Anand Bhatt became the first Indian to serve as a voting member of the Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (Latin Grammys). This privileged access to the Latin music establishment has exposed him to the latest sounds and trends in the industry, and has allowed him to meet with some of his favorite musicians, such as Shakira, Los Tigres del Norte, Gerardo Ortiz, Paulina Rubio, Jesse y Joy, Luis Enrique, Romeo Santos, Bebe Bellota and Arturo Sandoval, among many notable celebrities.

Over the years Anand has masterfully pioneered “Latindian” fusion music by mixing and matching the “rhythms, passion and romanticism of the Latin world with the sounds of celebration and intricacies of Indian music.” Anand’s unique Latindian fusion is both fun and romantic.
There is no doubt that the cultural proximities between the Indian and Latin worlds are extensive. Anand points out that “our beats are similar, our cultures are similar, our food is similar and our family values are similar.” In fact, he says, “if you really think about it – we are ALL Latindian at heart.”
Apart from being an accomplished musician, Anand is also an actor, writer, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He understands that “the struggle of being human is the desire for efficacy despite our ultimate fragility and universal insignificance.” His goal is to have an impact wherever and whenever he can as part of a greater challenge in life.
Latindia says: "We would like to congratulate Anand Bhatt for his incredible artistic accomplishments, and his efforts to promote Indo-Latin cross-cultural understanding.

We leave you with two samples of Anand's Latindian fusion music. Enjoy!
"El Amor De Arjuna" (In English and Spanish. This is a song about the conversation between Arjuna and Krishna on the battlefield in the Bhagavad Gita)
"O Saathi Re" (In Hindi. From the Latin album “Sonidos y Sonrisas.” Anand adds Latin riffs and beats to this popular Bollywood song)   "