Saturday, December 10, 2016

Chris Cornell and Timbaland Album Gets Fixed Latindian Style

Chris Cornell's album "Scream" (a collaboration with Timbaland) was universally reviewed as one of the worst albums of all time. When it was originally released in 2009, both Timbaland fans and Chris Cornell fans were hugely upset.  Critics unanimously gave the album a thumbs down.

NOW steps in the first Indian-American to be at the Latin Grammys: Anand Bhatt.  After rocking the red carpet and being seen on TV with Usher, Romeo Santos, Jesse & Joy, and Queen Latifah to name a few, Anand hit the studio and remade the Scream album in his signature "Latindian Style."  Latindian = Latin + Indian.  And this time around, the album just might work!

"I actually liked the Scream album," says Bhatt, who is an admitted Cornell and Soundgarden fan, "The songs are actually super fun to jam to Latindian style."

The Latindian version of Scream is called "Grito" (which is spanish for scream).  You can currently hear the whole album on YouTube at