Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Spark People ask Anand about Rock Star Recipes and the 5-Step Action Plan for Achieving Your Goals

Here is an excerpt of the interview!

1.     ID Your Dream

I wanted to transcend the the unhealthy Rocker stereotypes of my predecessors and idols.  While the lifestyle is fun, I noticed the hangovers, the foggy thoughts, the battle against weight gain, diabetes, reflux, etc.  My own health as well as seeing the declining health and happiness of others (living the so-called "good life") is how I ID'd my dream.  
2.     Decide to Dare

A healthy life provides multiple challenges in entertainment.  1)It hinders you socially and professionally: a drunk celebrity that you have the potential to work with doesn't take too kindly to you Not Drinking and choosing Tofu while he's slamming a cheeseburger.  and 2) the temptation to eat garbage is everywhere, especially when you live most of your life on the road out of hotel rooms.   I had to make a decision and be firm with it, or the pressure to falter would take over.

3.     Make a Plan

I really did have to devise an organized plan, that eventually became the book ROCK STAR RECIPES ( http://smarturl.it/rockstarrecipes ).  I came up with ways I could eat healthy and stay in shape without comprising my tastebuds, nor my life socially and professionally.  This required some prep and a plan that was flexible and resilient to whatever life would throw at me.  

4.     Check Yourself (check in on your plan)
Checking yourself is easier than it sounds.  Especially when you write down your plan.  That way when in doubt you can simply refer to your plan and check to see a potential action aligns with your principles or not.  

5.      Learn from Your Mistakes 

The biggest initial mistake I made was announcing my plan to others instead of just quietly proceeding with it.  People who are not eat healthy Love to derail those that are trying to achieve their fitness goals.  Letting them know I was on a mission turned out to be "leading with the chin" - it inadvertently challenged everyone to to try to get me to derail my plan.   

When I started to just Implement my plan, quietly and persistently, after a while these same people started asking me for advice on how they could improve.  Now I get letters and messages Every Day with success stories from people who have reached their goals using my plan :).  What I learned is it is better to just lead by example, doing what you feel is right - and eventually the would be naysayers can only see results.

 - Anand Bhatt, author of "Rock Star Recipes" and "Achieving Your Dreams by Controlling Your Mind"